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Free Rap Beats

We are now living in an age where sound production is very dense in the independent music game and also in the mainstream music industry. So you can imagine being inspired producer how tough it may feel or how intimidating it may feel trying to solicit and sell your product two new artist or upcoming artist or even veteran artist. One company founded by season an independent artist Atlanta Prin and producer and co-owner of grand Life music Monte Grand has came up with an idea to help up and coming artists receive quality production without hurting their pockets. Newcomers and new listeners can download the  FREE CELLPHONE APP or vist the FREE RAP BEATS web store and listen to newly created production that is released virtually every week. All they have to do is click the download Tab in a demo version will be emailed to them instantly. If the track is something that they would like to use on their project free rap beats offers leasing agreements starting as low as$15 and right now the…