It’s all fun and games until Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States.

The longest, most controversial and stressful presidential election has finally come to an end and Donald Trump takes the title.

Leading Hillary 288-215, he did what most of us thought he couldn’t do.
It’s safe to say that Hillary lost major states due to ignoring the white working class which ultimately caused some previous blue states to be overturned to Trump –like Pennsylvania–which accounts for 20 electoral votes and has historically been won by the Democratic Party.

And let’s not forget the reality of this elections whitelash. Trump supporters are a great example of what happens when a group of people with a common goal works together to see that goal come to fruition.

In recent political turmoil brexit happened, following an unexpected election outcome. Will American find a way to boot up for the next four years?

Within the popular vote Hillary was only one percent behind Trump. He raked in 56,505,857+ votes where as Hillary only brought in 56,322,837+ votes but we all
know the final say the electoral college has.


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