Gladys Knight Claims Her Son Blackmailed Her With Private Medical Info Over Restaurant Lawsuit

Gladys Knight Says Her Son Blackmailed Her

The fight between Gladys Knight and her son Shanga Hankerson over the use of her name for his Atlanta area Chicken and Waffle joints.

If you’ll recall, Gladys has sought to legally disassociate her name from the popular restaurant chain after multiple locations got raided by the government to the tune of $1 Million in shady dealings. Since Gladys was never truly involved in the restaurant business — just lending her popular name to her son as a favor — it should have been an easy out.

Apparently, Shanga stooped so low in the battle that he tried to extort her by putting out private info about her health.

According to court documents, Gladys says that her son’s legal team reached out and gave her an ultimatum…either she granted them more time to respond to her suit, or they would go public with her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Gladys refused, and they essentially moved forward with it — alluding to medical mental issues with their claim that she “lacked mental capacity” to renege on the use of her name for the restaurant chain.

But Gladys intends to keep fighting. She totally denies the ailment, and says it’s something her son is making up in order to “embarrass and harass” her.

SMH!! We wish that man would just do what his mother asks. It should be this hard…


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