Florida Teen ‘Dr. Love’ Is Now Being Sued By Dealership For Writing Bad Checks

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have heard about 18-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson, who impersonated a doctor and was accused of practicing medicine without a license. The teen charged patients up to $3,000 for procedures and was recently arrested once everything hit the fan. To add the list, Love is now being sued by a car dealership after he tried to buy a 2016 Mazda with a bad check. 

The Palm Beach Post reported that back in June, Love wrote a $1,800 check from Wells Fargo as a down payment for the vehicle that was worth more than $27K. The bank refuted the check because the account was closed. Love explained in writing that the bad check was a mistake, and that the dealership didn’t give him enough time to take care of it. 

ABC recently conducted an interview with Love and got down to the bottom of this messy situation. During the interview, the teen did confirm that he never graduated from medical school, but still asserts that the allegations against him are ‘merely accusations’. Love claimed that he does hold a PhD but declined to specify in what field ‘because that is not the issue here’.

He included: ‘There are many types of degrees out there that hold the title of doctor – whether they are physicists or engineers. Just because someone has the title of doctor in front of their name does not necessarily imply “MD”.’

The interview went left when the reporter asked if Love was a fraud or not. An 86-year-old woman claimed that she paid the teen $3,000 for treatment of severe stomach pains. Love denied the charge and attempted to avoid responsibility by stating that ‘I can tell you these accusations are merely accusations.’ 

‘I don’t know where you’re receiving this information from but it’s inaccurate,’ he said. ‘I’m sorry, I’m going to have to cut this interview short. I’m going to have to cut this interview short.’ 

Love faces several charges, including practicing medicine without a license, fraud and grand theft. He was released last Wednesday on a $21,000 bail.


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