Brooklyn woman, 72, one of four shot at J’Ouvert

A woman who was among the four shooting victims at Monday’s New York Caribbean Carnival Parade said she was glad to be alive after her harrowing ordeal.
Margaret Peters, 72, was struck in the hand and arm by a stray bullet early Monday as she watched the annual J’Ouvert festivities that precede the actual parade.
“I’m very happy to be alive. I thought this year it would be much safer with the lights on every block and all the police,” she said.

“But you can't stop bad from coming out even with lights on,” she added.
The Trinidadian-born woman, who has lived in Brooklyn for 40 years, said she was sitting on a bench on Empire Blvd. when she heard her sister shout, “Get up!”
Peters, bundled in a coat against the unseasonably chilly morning, got to her feet but then stumbled and fell, she said.
“Out of nowhere we saw people running ... and I fell down. When I tried to get up my hand was bleeding. The middle of my hand had a lot of blood coming out,” she said.
Peters didn’t realize right away that she had been wounded in a random gang shooting.
The ambulance was there very quick and we went to Kings County (Hospital),” she said.
Peters is one of two survivors of what police believe were random shootings between rival gangs during J’Ouvert.
The three separate shootings left Tyreke Borel, 18, and Tiarah Poyau, 22, dead and Peters and another person wounded, police said.
None of the shooting victims appeared to be intended targets, according to cops.
Peters said she’s gone to J’Ouvert and the New York Caribbean Carnival Parade every year without incident.
Last year, Carey Gabay, 43, an aide to Gov. Cuomo, was struck by a stray bullet just before 4 a.m. while walking with his brother near the J’Ouvert celebrations. He was hit in the head and died nine days later.
Peters said she had noticed the stepped up security at this year’s event and wasn’t expecting any trouble.
“The detectives came here to ask if I saw anything. I didn't see anything. I'm just in shock, all of a sudden a bang. This never happened to me before,” she said.


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