When Kendrick dropped “Alright” it became a modern anthem for black people. It was our reassurance that no matter what is thrown at us that at the end of the day, “we gon’ be alright.” Big K.R.I.T challenges his message of hope on “Might Not Be Ok.”

Kenneth Whalum assists K.R.I.T on the hook: “I cant tell you that it’s gon’ be ok. I cant see the sun through all the darken rays. I don’t claim to have the answers that’s more than some can say. So I wont tell you that it’s gonna be ok. It might not be ok.”

K.R.I.T expresses his frustrations with the ugly truths of police brutality. He is facing what Kendrick didn’t let keep him downon “Alright”: the hard facts.
He delivers one STRONG verse:

“Mommas been cryin’ and they gon’ keep cryin’. Black folk been dyin’ and they gon’ keep dyin’. Police been firin’ and they gon’ keep firin’. The government been lyin’ and they gon’ keep lyin’.

Propaganda news channels, that shit is all for show. Camera phone videos is like all we know. Diluting what an eye-witness might really say because the whole world saw a murder yesterday. Now your account ain’t what it used to be. According to them your eyes can’t adjust to the violence you ain’t used to see. Police brutality is all in your mind and the tactics that they use only look worse in rewind.

And people die everyday, you should get used to it. Hands behind yo’ back, face down, and still say you shootin’. Can’t breathe. Knee where your neck be like why you movin’? Kids in your car and they on like what you doin’? Like why you chillin’? Fuck yo’ feelings. Why you smilin’ when I’m so serious? I ain’t patrolling your space, like why you livin’? Stop asking questions. Why you filmin’? You look suspicious, I think you dealin’. Step out the car. Fit the description. Someone I feel, I need a killing

Blood on the curb, I didn’t spill it. Another civilian, another not guilty, another T-shirt, another rap lyric, another life gone, I can’t forgive it.”

We feel your frustration, K.R.I.T. Although black people have had a long-standing history of fighting a damn good fight, when we stand back and reflect on our reality, we sometimes feel defeated. Can you blame K.R.I.T for his vent session?


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