It's never "just Twitter" anymore, now that many have used the social media site to document their crimes. The latest being a Houston woman who killed her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend and had been plotting it on Twitter for nearly a year.

A 19 year old mother was killed in a drive-by shooting at a northeast Houston apartment complex Tuesday afternoon. A black, newer model Chevy Camaro drove through the complex's parking lot before the passenger fired at least five shots into a second-floor apartment, killing the woman. The victim has been identified as Lekendra Childs, the mother of a 2-year-old daughter. Her body was discovered by her boyfriend. She was shot and killed just a day before her 20th birthday. Fortunately her child was not in the apartment during the shooting.

What makes the story bizarre is that her alleged killer was the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend. She had reportedly been plotting to harm Kendra since January. In a tweet dug up from January 10, 2016 the alleged ex-girlfriend wrote, "I think I'm really evil enough to eat a mf alive. Like b*tch IDGAF about you. I'll real life kill you and eat you b*tch. F*ck you!" That wasn't the only time she's tweeted questionable things towards her ex's new girl. In June 2016 she wrote, "My plan is to plot for a year and I'm gone kill them people. IDGAF if the P.O. see this." Then in July she wrote, "I don't like that h*e, don't f*ck with her" as a caption of her standing next to the very black Camaro that was allegedly at the scene of Kendra Childs' murder. Just weeks before Kendra's murder the alleged suspect wrote, "It's not gone work, you'll be gone real soon baby."

It's sad that someone can harbor so much hate for so long. I hope Kendra Childs and her family receives the justice they deserve. 


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